About Us

Grattitude is About Having a Great Attitude!

Life changing events leave their mark. The pandemic made an impact.  It changed us.  All of us had to experience the unexpected. It sucked but we embraced it.  As we live the new normal, we now see the greatness that has come about.  Like phoenix rising from the ashes.  We saw people dig deep and evolve.  Discover their passions and talents and what has emerged is pure beauty.  These artisans, who have the ATTITUDE to take a chance, to be bold and to make a difference.  Their products are pure luxury.  We are elevating their voice and showcasing their work.  We are sharing their stories.

With our highly curated gift boxes, we can help you celebrate the big moments, the small moments and everything in between. You can feel good about buying with us because you know that you are directly supporting local talent.  The movers & shakers of the Northeast.  We are helping you give the Gift of GrATTITUDE.  

We have GrATTITUDE:  

  • For life as we now know it

  • For Local Artisans taking a risk

  • For thinking outside the box

  • For redefining luxury

  • For having moxie

  • For DOING YOU 

  • For being GREAT!

Get to Know Us!

We are long time friends, who met when our kids were in preschool.  Throughout the pandemic we found ourselves coming together and talking about how we hoped some good would come about what we were experiencing.  With 6 kids, 2 husbands and 2 dogs between us, our busy lives had taken a turn and we learned to embrace the unexpected.  Luxury in our terms was redefined. A quiet house, an empty dishwasher, a cold ice coffee, or a run at the crack of dawn before the dog wakes up now gave us grattitude!  We saw our community coming together in different ways with a common goal and the emphasis to support local businesses, make a difference and make things memorable during an unexpected time was impactful.  This is when the dream for Local Luxe was born. 

With different backgrounds we decided to combine our passions and create something unique.  Maya Konig knows about luxury having spent 10 years in the hotel industry, in  marketing, sales and events prior to taking time off to be home with her kids. She has spent the past 5 years as a strategist for a real estate advisory firm, and really got to know the communities throughout the area and appreciate what makes them unique.

A toxicologist by trade, Kathy Belzer worked as an environmental consultant for 15 years and after transitioning to motherhood she worked in the health and wellness arena. A staunch environmentalist, her goal is to reduce the carbon footprint.  She has an affinity for responsible luxury which drives us in curating products that are not only special but sustainable.  

Our combined love for exploring, experiencing and finding the beauty in the simple things inspire us to find the most unique items for you where luxury is redefined.

With Grattitude,

Maya & Kathy