Wonderland Jam


Wonderland Jam


PB & J is not just for kids anymore with flavors like Blackberry Bourbon and Pina Colada Preserves.

More on the makers:

Jam is our in our Nature.

If you don't like jam, you've never tried Wonderland. Our master jam-maker (who are we kidding, she's our only jam maker) combines generations of family jamming tradition, centuries-old traditional techniques, and decades of international travel experience to create unique and delicious jams, jellies, and preserves. With over 20,000 hand-crafted jars of experience, quality jams are our second nature.

Our jams are made without additives (including artificial pectin), preservatives, artificial sweeteners, anti-foaming agents, or colorings. Our products are made with simple ingredients only: fruit, organic cane sugar, lemon.

Our process puts fruit first, not sugar, resulting in an intensely flavored jam that you will spread on everything.

From everyday favorites like Strawberry, Very Berry & Blueberry to specialty flavors like Peach Pie Preserves™, Blackberry Bourbon Preserves™, Strawberry Rose Jelly™ and Piña Colada Preserves™, we're certain to amaze your tastebuds and redefine everything you thought about jam.