Upstate Elevator Supply Co.

Why we ❤️ Upstate Elevator Supply Co.

Who doesn’t love being in an altered state?  We tried them all and hands down - these are the most effective & tastiest! 

More on the maker:

Our agricultural and entrepreneurial roots trace back to the 1800s in the Central Valley of Costa Rica, where our ancestors established some of the first coffee plantations in the Americas. This proud tradition of agricultural stewardship has carried on for generations through our family’s enterprises, and the legacy of enterprising agriculture is strong today in Upstate Elevator Supply Co., our Burlington, Vermont-based company.

From those first coffee plantings in the 19th century through the founding of Upstate Elevator Supply Co. in 2017, our passion has been revitalizing the connection between humans and plants. We’re true pioneers in the field, crafting products that are mindfully shepherded from cultivar to capsule, seed to salve, to make you the finest fleet of products available anywhere.

We’re here to guide you to your Upstate.

What do you do every day to feel alive? A morning cup of coffee just the way you like it, yoga with the morning sun peeking in the window, walking the dog by the river in the evening when your breath forms clouds before your face. Our products are your daily dose of freedom, elevating health and celebrating wellbeing. Our continuous drive for product development is rooted in finding the right way to make our products part of your every day.