Traveling Spirits

Why we ❤️ Traveling Spirits

Traveling bartenders, who help you take the party on the road!  Who know how to make a party in a jar. Now we all can be bartenders at home.

More on the maker:

Bartenders, partners and friends, Dina and Emma grew up in the Hudson Valley in upstate New York. Dina, a CIA graduate, moved to Key West, FL where she transitioned from the kitchen, into the front of the house. Soon after, she moved back to New York where she continued her career in a small restaurant. Emma began working at this restaurant as her first job in high school. It is here that she fell in love with the hustle and bustle of the service industry, and met Dina. Dina trained Emma to bartend and from there, the two were a natural team. 

Using these backgrounds, Traveling Spirits NY strives to create delicious cocktail mixers with unique pairings of fresh fruit and herbs.