Summit View Scents

Why we ❤️ Summit View Candles

Former ski shop owner turned candle maker creating cool candles for your man cave, to cover up those ummm... scents.

More on the maker:

Howdy, I’m Brian Smuda. Having lived in Vermont and Massachusetts I’ve always called Connecticut home. I love to spend time enjoying the outdoors or surrounding myself with family and friends. Majority of my career has been focused on helping others access the lifestyle and freedom that comes with each changing season. Whether that was managing a brick and mortar ski shop with an online retail presence or creating a web service providing a simple way to shop for a season pass to your favorite resorts. The friendships made over that time are priceless and created memories that will last a lifetime.

We each have a journey in life that doesn’t always go according to our plan or vision. I grew up thinking that a career in education was how I’d spend my life, plans changed. In 2018 I received Deep Brain Stimulation, a life altering surgery, that helped with a condition called Tardive Dyskinesia which I developed in 2012.

One lesson I’ve learned over the years is that everybody, every day, every moment matters. After losing my mother in 2017 I realized I had inherited her passion for creativity and the love of sharing joyful memories with others. Some of life’s best moments are unknowingly locked away in our mind. Think of them like an item inside a time capsule which can only be unlocked by an old photograph, video, or better yet, a scent. Our sense of smell is often taken for granted. It’s that moment you walk into your grandparents house or along your favorite beach when it hits you. Your mind instantly triggers that memory which had been forgotten or buried so deep behind the stresses of our daily lives.

These are the memories, the moments, the joys, which I target with each scent. Every scent is a unique blend of fragrances I carefully develop in-house. These scents range from simple notes to complex blends. However, with each of us cherishing so many different moments in life, it brings me that warm fuzzy feeling when I can provide you with that key to your very own time capsule.

Thanks again,

Brian Smuda