Scream & Sugar

Why we ❤️ Scream & Sugar

Clean and healthy spa products with an edge

More on the maker:

Featured in the August 2020 issue of Connecticut Magazine for best small business soaps in Connecticut! Check out our ALL 5 star reviews while you are here!

Customer service is still very important to us, so you will never get the brush off email if there is a problem or you would simply like to discuss a product. We are always here for you and even occasionally take some requests! We can build bathing bliss TOGETHER!

Committed to Health

Every ingredient used in our products has been chosen with health in mind. Health of our bodies, our oceans, our world and our planet. We are 100% cruelty free. Our ingredients are responsibly sourced, farmed and do not contribute to any deforestation or extinction. We do not use any endocrine disrupting chemicals, cancer causing phthalates, or sulfates in any of our products. We also try to cut down on recycling as much as possible and lean towards biodegradable packaging when possible. Our electricity is even GREEN solar sourced.

Committed to Culture

I started this company because I wanted bath products that reflected my culture and love of all things black and glitter. I found that the market was severely lacking in availability and quality. I could find fun things, but they were only available during holidays, they were made cheaply, or hid toxic chemicals with expensive marketing. Once I found that I could create a healthy line of bath and skincare treats that I felt were superior to what was offered anywhere else, I wanted to share them with everyone. I use my education in Cosmetology, Chemistry, and Graphic Design to hand craft each and every product. "We are the weirdos, Mister..." and we want the good stuff!!!

Committed to Joy

We are committed to giving YOU a slice of pleasure & joy! Self care is a necessity and we offer tools to help you on your individual and unique journey. You are not like everyone else and we get that. You want different things from life and you deserve the highest quality, luxury, and spa-like experience with products that match your soul.