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My wife Liz and I co-owned and operated the legendary New World Home Cooking Company in Woodstock/Saugerties NY from 1993-2018.  We were a beloved community hub and  gathering restaurant for the Hudson Valley. We were also the site of hundreds of wine, beer and spirits dinners, fundraisers, theme dinners ranging from local wild game events to vegan tasting nights,  and of course amazing Holiday meals that became family tradition for hundreds. 

We had a great run of 25 years and have had more than 700 employees work in the business.  Thanks to them all, we have a wonderful legacy to remember.

In 2009,  I contracted with Scott Meyer and Annette Nanes to open New World Bistro Bar in Albany, NY.  I branded the  and worked to create an Urban version of New World Home Cooking with the same community connections, passion and love. I cooked and curated the menu and food events as well and trained,  inspired and oversaw one of the best spots in the Capital Region, for 11 years from 2009-2020.

I have won too many awards to count, including 2 victories on CHOPPED and  I BEAT BOBBY FLAY. 

I am most proud however, of breaking the Reader's Poll! I won BEST CHEF in the Albany Times Union Readers poll so many times in a row, that in fairness to everyone elee, they discontinued the category! I also won a 2021 Chronogrammy for Best Hudson Valley Chef in the 2021 Chronogram reader's poll. 

I now own and operate Ric Orlando's Best - I line of Hot Sauces, BBQ Sauces and Custom Seasonings My personally designed spice mixes are the same recipes that I use in my Restaurant Kitchens . They are now available for  home cooks!