Kenny Creations

Why we ❤️ Kenny CreationS

Who’s not envious of a man who knows his way around his workshop?  Kenny worked in his shop while watching his kids play - Who says men can’t multitask? We benefit with the most gorgeous hard crafted wooden bar boards.

More on the maker:

“Growing up in the Finger Lakes watching my dad work on the cottage, I was always interested in building things.  At a very early age my father taught me how to safely use all of the tools in his shop.   I remember taking scrap wood to build small boats using the the table saw to shape the hull and the router to carve out the seating.  I would then send the boats down the "crick" (Kenny created word defined as a seasonal creek) next to our cottage that flows into Keuka Lake.  As I got older, late in high school, I helped rebuild the cottage into my parent's full time house.  As much as I like construction, I always enjoyed creating smaller things like cabinetry, shelving,  framing, entertainment unit, the occasional toy and eventually restoring my first boat,  I even had a small business in college with a friend on the lake,  "You Name it We do It" which the name speaks for itself as we build decks, sheds, retaining walls, sided houses, fixed boats and of course dug the occasional ditch. 

Building & creating things was in my blood.

After College, I continued my connection with the built environment by having numerous professional positions in housing development and eventually started my own affordable housing consulting firm with my business partner.  Of course, in my free time I always enjoyed building outside of work.  I would work on, expand or rebuilding  the various homes that my wife and children (two girls) resided in over the years.  I was always rebuilding a bathroom, fire place, kitchen or some other living space.  When the girls were little I would create things for their playroom or for some crazy event at school.  I actually made a 3/4 scale baby grand piano which held a keyboard for my oldest daughter's talent show so she could play/sing piano man in 5th grade.    Then for my younger daughter, I made a life size British phone booth for her to play/sing a One Direction Song in her 5th grade talent show.  We would also have a pretty successful run at a local Halloween contest that we made some pretty crazy pumpkins.  As the girls got older and entered high school, I started making games for indoors, out at the pool or giant games for the yard.   I then started giving these games to close friends & families at Holidays as well as making auction items for various local and national charity events.  I enjoy so much seeing the excitement of people getting my creations & using them with their families and friends.

 I enjoy building my various creations so much I wanted to share them with others  and my friends felt I should put together a website and see if others would like to buy them.  I continue to work as a consultant as my profession but wanted to grow my hobby to share my creations with others. Both of our children are also nearing college age and I have significantly more free time to spend in the shop building things.   I realized that my hobby, especially tools and good quality woods, are costly and I wanted to see if I could sell various creations to buy new and better tools as well as use good hardwoods for my creations. Who knows, maybe this will grow into a retirement gig, but for now is a hobby that I am enjoying building things and selling a few along the way.”