Gone Rogue Co.

Why we ❤️ Gone Rogue Co. 

Wellness with an Edge

More on the maker:

Loose herbs for you to do with as you please. I am not telling you to steep them in hot water and consume the delicious infusion but it certainly sounds like a good idea to me. I do it all day, but ya know… that’s just me and I’m no doctor and I certainly have no part in the FDA.

The Ingredients

I start with an idea and follow through with only the highest quality herbs selected from around the globe. My distributors are great people who know a whole lot about fairly and efficiently sourcing the best ingredients. 

The Process

I personally taste and inspect each and every batch before packing and sending it off. I want to be one hundred percent sure it tastes exactly as intended and if it’s not good enough for me, it’s not good enough for you. I blend, package, and label everything by hand. No heavy duty machines, no artificial ingredients, and no flashy packaging. 

The Packaging

I gave biodegradable packaging a shot, I really did… however, they weren’t doing their job and this led to more waste than necessary. I am now using recyclable rice paper pouches. These pouches use less material than your standard packaging but are strong enough to keep your herbs fresh and easily accessible.

All the other stuff… I am the type of person that is happiest with busy hands, I actually get cranky if I don’t create something daily. Unless otherwise noted, everything is made by my hands. I dabble in a lot so don’t expect absolute perfection, but what you can expect is a whole lot of products made with love. Please know that each and every thing I make helps me be a better human than I was before.