Why we ❤️ ClayStory

Two moms who met over 20 years ago merging talents to create the most unique ceramics.  We are obsessed!

More on the makers:

ClayStory is the result of a decades long artistic passion and friendship. We first met as young mothers when our daughters were attending the same pre-k program and we mused for years about taking the time to create something meaningful and beautiful together. In the last year, and with the support of our now adult daughters, our daydreams and wishes evolved into conversations and plans- we have finally brought our vision to life!

We are constantly inspired by antiques, our surroundings of the ocean and country, and life’s little moments. We have designed our ClayStory line to embody timelessness and effortless, everyday luxury. Our designs honor and reference our stories and memories, sharing the beauty in the everyday, consciously crafting the perfectly imperfect, and continuing to create our own story. 

Welcome to ClayStory!

Claudia & Sarah