BD Provisions



The entire store is brilliant! From coffee to candy - it's the one place our entire family can shop and everyone walks away happy!

More on the makers:

Meet the Boccuzzis (John & Cynthia) and the DiPippas (Tony & Tara) - the B and the D in BD Provisions! John and Tony became friends while working together at another company but had always discussed starting a business together.

The Boccuzzi’s were on vacation and saw a bulk food store and liked the idea of food in bulk, but did not like all the plastic packaging that the store offered.  They told the DiPippas about their trip and the two couples started to talk about how they could take the concept of bulk food but elevate it to more of a foodie paradise, at affordable prices and with eco-friendly packaging.  And thus, the idea for BD Provisions was born.  And then, the ideas didn’t stop- “Let’s roast our own coffee” and “let’s have an all-natural healthy and beauty section” and “how about we offer a mason jar exchange” and we kept going and going until we believed we knew exactly what we wanted for our first store.

BD Provisions was founded on the idea that consumers are ready to move towards more sustainable lifestyles and everyone moves at his or her own pace. We believe that if given healthy, convenient and affordable solutions, change can happen in our lifetime. Nobody is perfect, including us, but the most important thing we’ve learned is that you’ve got to start somewhere!