And That's The Tea Co.


Great story. Unique and stunning packaging.  Very special products.

More on the makers:

When you think of tea, you might envision your grandmother and an aunt
sharing a strong cup of Tetley tea. That’s all good, but that’s not what tea is
about today.

Jenny and Kiley hadn’t thought much about loose leaf tea before with so many tea bag options sold in stores. But after a visit to a charming tea shop in Newport, R.I., they were inspired to find out more about tea with benefits – healing benefits, that is, and how to bring more of it to health-minded/conscious humans.

Initially they were just casually experimenting, but then they saw that this tea thing was a real deal thing. They discovered that you could create so many different blends – fruit teas, green teas, and blends for wellness, energy, and relaxation.

They took time to focus on what they wanted to create, and how they wanted to market. By initially selling online, they quickly built a small and mighty following of customers that are proactive about their health and aware of making healthy lifestyle choices, like drinking teas for their healing properties.

Although their shop is a bit nostalgic and relaxing to browse through with all of it’s wonderful snacks and tea-related housewares, the tea itself is a whole lot more than charming. The fact that you can make tea that’s fun and flavorful and also good for your soul and your health is a win – win!